2019 is the final year that our Survival of the Fittest events will be taking place so sign up now and get 25% off! Only valid on solo entry for 2019

The first wave will start at 10:00.
No. We do not send anything in the post. All correspondence is done through e-mail and all items are collected at the event. You will hear from us 1 month and then 1 week prior to the event via email with pre-event information.
You MUST bring a signed disclaimer form and photographic identification so we know accurately who is taking part in case of emergency. If you arrive on the day and these details do not match to the given name you will not be able to register.
No, for the standard Rat Race event tech t-shirt, which you will be picking up on the day at the registration. We may ask you for your t-shirt size during the online entry process to give us the best chance of having the right sizes for everyone, but sizes will be given out on a first come-first served basis so be sure to arrive early to get your preferred t-shirt size. Yes, for Super Survivals who will chose their t shirt size in advance of the event. This t shirt will be collected at the event.
You need to be at least 16 years old on the day of the run. Everyone aged 16 or 17 must provide parental consent for their participation, which must be signed on the day, at registration.
Yes, there will be a minimum of one water station approximately half way around the course. Please bring water with you for your pre-run preparation.
You cannot change your wave once you have chosen it when entering.
No. We do not offer refunds but we do offer event transfer vouchers, so you can put your credit to another event. We need 10 clear business days’ notice prior to the event to make these changes plus you will need to pay a £15 or 15% (whichever is greater) cancellation fee. Our pricing structure rewards those that commit furthest in advance and we recommend customers hold the appropriate insurance to cover non-attendance for issues such as illness or travel problems. You can view our transfer policy hereTransfer requests can be made here. You can find full Terms and Conditions here.
For those looking for an even bigger challenge we are offering the ‘Super Survival’ upgrade for those entering waves 1 – 4. The upgrade includes access to a second lap plus some extra swag including a Super Survival wristband, Super Survival tshirt and a second medal with a dedicated Super Survival lanyard. Your special t shirt will give prominence on the course so folk can cheer you on and get you to the end of this half marathon adventure.
At the Nottingham event the National Water Sports Centre enjoys a very good network of paths that we use to get you between the challenges. The area around the obstacles will be wet and muddy, with the bulk of the running on tarmac.
No. Flyers are forbidden on the premises as they are litter and are contrary to our pledges given to the landowner. They are litter and charges will be levied for litter collection and advertising fees against those that distribute such items them on the event premise. Please see our terms and conditions of entry for information about the charges levied.
Yes, you can run for any Charity of your choice, although there is no obligation whatsoever. See our charity page for some inspiration and you may choose one of our charity partners if you wish, who offer certain incentives for those willing to raise funds for them.
We will close entries when each event is full. Last year’s events sold out, so don’t leave it too late!
Being a swimmer does help but it’s not an essential requirement. Some obstacles will involve full immersion in water*, for others it’s partial immersion or a few fun splashes. Where relevant, Buoyancy Aids are provided by the organisers, together with ropes to pull yourself along through the water. There will also be non-swimmer alternatives at these locations if you really do not fancy the wet stuff. Full safety cover, including safety kayakers, is in place where required.

* Water immersion activities are always subject to weather and environmental factors.

The Nottingham event is in early October which means it could be wet and it could be chilly. Of course this being the UK it could also be quite warm. You should prepare for the weather conditions and run in what you feel most comfortable in for a tough run, in the autumn, which features mud and water in healthy doses! What is key is that you do not stand around in cold and wet clothing straight after the run. We recommend some basic warm clothes left at bag drop in a water proof bag. 
Yes you can. The course is designed so that all obstacles are achievable, even if you have to rely on other runners to get help you through it. This is part of the challenge. If you have an injury, then you must consult your GP on whether it is appropriate to take part in the event. The GP is unlikely to be able to comment on specific obstacles, and it should be seen as a running event-with-obstacles for a full body work-out. If you have a fear, then this might be the event for you to confront that fear. If you really don’t fancy the look of something though, no-one is going to make you do it. This is not a race and no one is counting your time or number of obstacles your complete. Just skip it and enjoy the rest of the course.
The parking in Nottingham is organised by the National Water Sports Centre and their fees will apply. All parking is on grass. If you do not hold an advance ticket you will need to pay in cash on the day. Please do not park in any unauthorised locations as this will lead to others suffering delays while clamping, ticketing and towing will be at the owners expense.
Solo entries are not transferable – you can’t give or sell your entry to anyone else. If you no longer wish to take part you can obtain an event credit to the value of your entry fee paid (terms and a fee apply) which you or another person can use towards next year’s event (or any other Rat Race event). If you have purchased a team of 5 or more runners, you can add or change team members up to 10 days before the event.
This is not a formal race. It is a challenge to take either personally or as a team. The vibe is about pushing yourself and being with like-minded folk who have a common purpose. It is the role of marshals and fellow participants to be encouraging and supportive rather than pushy and looking to dish out penalties. We want Survival of the Fittest to be operated in a safe and controlled manner so everyone gets the thrill of the risk that comes from taking on our obstacle challenges without the express purpose of being as fast as possible. If you want to go head to head with your mates then that is cool with us and you will need to capture your own time and we recommend you go in wave one to get the clearest run.
Race entry includes a finishers medal and a standard Rat Race tech tee, sizes are available on a first come first served basis at Registration. Specific event tees are available to purchase online and in the Rat Race store at the event while stocks last.